Currently a sophomore at Belmont University in Nashville TN, I am studying Commercial music with a concentration in vocal performance. I am hoping to pick up a minor in Music Business and/or Spanish. 

Buffalo born and raised, I grew up in the small town of Alden, NY. 

As you might have seen from the links, theater has and continues to be a huge aspect of my life. I started acting and singing on stage at a summer camp appropriately named "OnStage!" In my 5 years as a camper, I completed 6 shows. I now return over the summer as a counselor working as stage right manager. As a counselor, I have helped complete 11 shows. I have also participated in community theater and school productions, totaling 21 shows in which I was on stage and 11 produced. Although I will be going on to work behind the scenes of live music and entertainment, I hope to continue my work on stage in vocal performances.

In my first semester of college I originally studied Music Business, taking classes centering on all things audio, visual, and technical. I started to realize how much I missed performing and being on stage, so I decided to try out voice lessons on campus to get my voice ready for my audition to switch my major to Commercial Music. Come second semester, I ended up being accepted and am now focusing solely on my work as a singer. Within this semester I took classes such as Piano, Music Theory, Music History, History of Poetry, Italian and American Diction, etc. I was also accepted into the Belmont Pops ensemble and am eager to augment my skills as part of the community.

"I'm going to be what I want to be. I am be what I was born to be. A performer. Who gives the people what they want." -Freddie Mercury