Into the Deadwax is a podcast that incorporates all aspect of music and music and entertainment.

I decided to start up the podcast "Thank You 5!" as a response to the lack of musical discussion during the pandemic. I started with the idea of starting small and in school by trying to get out information on the musicals. However, after furthering my interest in music overall I started Into the Deadwax

Ep 1: Into the Creator

In this episode, I explain a record’s “birth certificate,” why I created this podcast, what got me into music, and even read my college essay.

Ep 2: Into Pink Floyd Feat. Jordan Strasser

Jordan and I talk about her favorites from the album “The Dark Side of the Moon.”, the band’s movie “The Wall,” meanings within songs, our first record players, and of course scattered pauses to just enjoy the music.

Ep 3: Into the Songs

Coming soon...

In this episode i will be going through some songs and specific moments that make them unique. I may even discover new favorites within songs.

Episode 1: Dylan Z. and Matt R.

Welcome to the first episode of "Thank You 5!", a new podcast from the students of the Alden High School theater program.

Episode 2: Mason B. and Ava D.

I sat down with the student directors over at the Alden Middle School. Ava is working as the student choreographer and Mason is working as overall student director.

Episode 3: Tyler T.

Tyler Thauer (a sports person), tries to guess all the theater terms including proscenium, callback, stage directions, etc.