This is a collection of some of the posters I have made for Alden High School's Theater Club (@aldenhstheater) as well as for OnStage! Theater Camp.

For these posters I wanted to create authentic band posters that both looked good and had a creative element. To stay true to the show, I used a reference photo from ABBA and tweaked it to fit my idea. In order to do this I had to take the photos, cut our bodies out, and create the background. The Live at Fernando's poster was even used in the show.

Another promotional design

These three posters  and banner are part of a collection that I had made in order to promote the play Peter and the Starcatcher 

This was made to highlight the Seniors before their graduation to show all the hard work they have done throughout their 4 years.

For the first photo I added a quote from their "Senior Speech" and put in their senior casual.

In order to really highlight their work I also added all of their past shows and created a resume.

This was used simply to set a reminder for the upcoming field trip. i really wanted it to look like an old film strip

This was a last minute creation to promote the short term sale on tickets.

This was made for an Instagram post to announce the new musical.

In order to promote the musical's apparel I photoshopped the form and cut out each clothing piece to put on a plain background.

This was a quick last minute edit in order to remind people of Opening Night.

This was a last minute edit where I photoshopped the snack pack and put it on the Shrek background in order to get the word out fast.

Alden High School Instagram

This is a collection of some of the posters I have made for Alden High School's Instagram. (@alden_highschool)

This post was a reschedule of Homecoming in which I had to get out new information fast.

This was a first promotion before prom invitations to alert students that prom is coming up.

In order to get the community pumped up for powderpuff I made this post to show the intensity of the game.