Mamma Mia happened to be my last high school production which brought a bitter sweet ending to my senior year. Being able to put together this show was a dream! Mamma Mia was the first musical I watched when I was a child and grew up believing I was Sophie...turns out I'm Donna! Everything from dancing and singing to making a family within the Dynamoes really made my senior year show one to remember.

Donna Sheridan

The owner of the Taverna on the Greek island of Kalokairi; Sophie’s mother. She is the former lead singer of “Donna and the Dynamos". Honest, straight and hard-working, she is the most naturalistic and vulnerable of the characters. In her youth, Donna's sunny, reckless and passionate side have yet to be bellied by her future responsibilities. Donna is hopeful, intelligent, romantic, and has a zest for life. Donna also has a dream to travel the world. However, Donna is far from innocent- She is independent, courageous, and knows what she wants from life.


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