My Experience:

I started WACS news my junior year of high school after joining the multimedia class. For my first year I was assigned news editor and this year I hold the Executive Producer position. I generally did funnier videos along with musicals and breaking news. I was also chosen to live stream school events such as "Battle of the Classes", "A Night Under the Stars", and the Homecoming Powderpuff game.

My Featured Videos

This is a collection of every video I have made in WACS news or for personal use. To watch each video click on the image and it will take you straight to YouTube or videos.

For this video I watched the original scene from High School Musical and based the video off of that. I ended up blocking the entire video, assigning/rewriting lines, and planning out shots.

WACS news ghost story

Periodic Rhapsody

What's Up Duloc: Shrek

What's Up Duloc: Fiona

Science Olympiad: We Need You

What are you thankful for?

Scholastic Bowl Finals

National Honor Society Ceremony

The spoon debacle

Shrek Audition Information