Informative Speech: Legacy of American Pie

This was for my Fundamentals of Speech and Communication Course.

American Pie: The Lasting Legacy

Draft of the speech and an Outline used during.

Passion and Informative Projets

This was an assignment from my College English 12 course. The only instruction that was given was to make a presentation that shows something that you are passionate about. I chose the band Greta Van Fleet due to their major influence on my music taste, my intended major, and even my mindset. I then used google slides to create and present to my class. For this specific project I spent well over 10 hours designing and putting everything together.

The second presentation is an informative speech I wrote for my Fundamentals of Speech and Communication course. I chose the lasting influence and legacy of Ameri

passion project (GVF)

*Includes Music*

This presentation was created and designed entirely by me in Google Slides. 

Short Film

This was created by myself and three others for a WACS news video.

This short film was a project in which I worked with a group of three others for a WACS news production. I had ended up with the idea of four characters splitting up and each having their own narration and the film turned into much more. Just like all group projects we had to overcome many obstacles. First, the character who was supposed to have the most shots ended up sick after the first day of filming, another member could not show up for the first two days of filming, there were location issues, etc. Another main issue came along where I had to stand up for myself in order to get the credit I was not being given by the three other guys in my group. Finally, through tick and thin, we ended up creating something I am proud to say I was a part of.

Script I wrote:

A WACS News Ghost Story

Seal of Biliteracy Presentations:

In order to test for biliteracy, I had to create and memorize two PowerPoints and present to both English and Spanish departments. I also had to prove literacy through writing two research essays

Untitled presentation

Presentation used for English portion. This was created and designed entirely by me in Google Slides. 

Greta Van Fleet:The New Wave of Rock
Identidad de genero

Presentation Used for Spanish portion. This was created in PowerPoint and copy and pasted onto google slides. (Therefore no animation could be included) 

Los Derechos de Transgénero: Adolescentes


This is a collection of my writing from 2018 (freshmen year) to present

Greta Van Fleet:The New Wave of Rock

GVF: The New Wave of Rock

College Essay

Lifeline of Communication

College Essay about my connection with music and finding myself within it

“Marine Mammal Theme Parks; Pleasure or Prison”

Marine Mammal Theme parks: Pleasure or Prison

Junior Year

Adrift Book Review

Adrift Book Review

Junior year

Confident Wrong Answer

My Confident Wrong Answer

Slam Poem (Senior Year)

If could write the way that I thought...

If I could write the way that I thought...

Slam Poem (Senior Year)

“One-Sided Hourglass”

Every Era a Grain of Sand

Poem (Senior Year)

Creative Writing Club

Hypocrisy and Sea World

Hypocrisy: not only on land

Freshman Year

“The Creative Process”

The Creative Process

Intro to Freshman Year University