How it started:

I started my internship as the AHS social media manager after my principal recommended me. At first I was hesitant as I have never been in charge of being the "brain" behind promotion of an organization. Nonetheless, I jumped into my work head on. Since starting I have now curated an Instagram account for Alden HS theater as well.

High School Instagram posts

All examples of posts can be found on Instagram @alden_highschool

What did I learn from this?

I could not have asked for a better internship. I learned everything from photo editing to communication skills. Through this experience I learned how to better advocate for myself. In the beginning, most people didn't know who to contact for social media coverage so they were going to the WACS news social media. I found out very quick that I needed to start putting myself out there and telling people that I am here and I can help. I loved being able to getting information to people knowing that I can help them. I loved the thrill of pushing out "breaking news" and telling the community about upcoming events.

My career path:

In the future, my goal is to go into the music/tour management field. How does social media help get into this field? In every way possible. In society today, everything is online. Whether that means websites, images, or even social media. It's all online. I can use my skills to get word out on what is happening. People pay attention to media. When it comes to music management, I would be able to communicate tour dates, new artist information, and every aspect of promotion possible. Social media has also taught me ways to properly and efficiently communicate ideas and topics. Which is always needed in research or collaboration.

For upcoming plans, I will be attending Belmont University and focusing on learning and internships in music management. I hope to be working in different fields all around the country. I can't wait to get my future running.

Theater Instagram Posts

Examples of posts I had made for the Alden theater Instagram @aldenhstheater. I had also curated the idea of starting an Instagram in order to get a younger audience. I had started it in March and since then gained 120 followers and counting.